The Healthy Futures Team. Left to right, back row: Aubrey Mowery (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner), Komiko Garcia (Health Education Technician), Pearl Mandan (Health Education Tech) Left to right, front row: Dr. Anita Martin (Pediatrician), Shelby Stein (Community Registered Dietitian), Amber Kirk (Health Education Tech)

Healthy Futures is a program aimed to educate children and their families about healthy lifestyles as well as to provide the support and tools needed to implement and sustain healthy lifestyle adaptations. The goal of the Healthy Futures Program is to build a healthy future for all of our children and prevent the development of diabetes.

Children and their families are invited to participate in the Healthy Futures Program each year. 

The program consists of the following:

    • Coordinated visits with a pediatric healthcare provider and registered dietitian 
    • Healthy Futures Camp during the summer (ages 8-14)
    • K.A.S.H. (Keeping Active Strong & Healthy) Educational program for children ages 8-14 and their families 
    • Cooking classes, nutrition activities, and physical activity opportunities throughout the year